CENTRE-VILLE Renovation of offices
and building expansion


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Building expansion by the creation of 100 square meters of commercial surface on an outdoor courtyard on the ground floor

Creation of additional 100 square meters of commercial space in the basement

Total renovation of existing offices on the ground floor

Demolition of slab in the courtyard above the basement

Cellars demolition

Total demolition of ground floor office spaces (stripped bare)

Reconstruction of the slab on the ground floor, with creation of 4 light shafts for natural lighting in the basement

Creation of the ground floor extension

  • New structure, masonry, etc.
  • High performance thermal insulation

Creation of a stairwell for access to the commercial area created in the basement

Complete remake of all the surfaces – creation of 3 office spaces

  • Renovation of floors (polished concrete and flooring)
  • Carpentry, layout
  • Painting of walls and ceilings
  • Stone stripped bare

New electrical wiring